Wednesday, April 1, 2009

From yesterday

Today started out really bad but it is looking up. We went shopping to try and find Reagan some shoes that she can wear this summer. We have gone to 4 different stores and almost everything is white this season. Which would be black by the time she got through playing in the dirt by the end of the summer. I hate to get a pink or purple pair because then you need a pair for each outfit, can't their be a simple tennis shoe or little brown shoe? No luck yet but I'm still hopeful.

Daniel took his turn today having a bad day. He was falling apart at everything. Half the time I couldn't figure out what is wrong. He's been like that a lot this week. I'm just trying to remember that he has been through a lot lately. At one point Lois turned to me and said, "Are you on Prozac? You're so calm." I try but don't always succeed.

Here is a tower that Daniel built this afternoon that he is very proud of. He kept trying to build it higher but he just couldn't reach it without making it fall. It stayed up all night just for Reagan to walk in and push it down.

Daniel and I also made chocolate chip cookies, he chose those over sugar cookies with a little chick coming out of the egg printed on them as he is a chocoholic.

These two act ivies helped keep him from but didn't prevent more melt downs.

Grandma keeps telling him that she is going to wear his shirt as she like Mater from the movie "Cars".

Reagan had her turn at melt downs too. Since I had the camera out taking pictures of Daniel's tower. I caught her at not one of her best moments. But you have to love the pigtails.

Today has been much better about melt downs. Daniel spent all morning outside with Grandma Lois helping in the yard. They cleaned up the leaves that were left and Grandma put Daniel in the trash can to jump on the leaves so that they could fit more in. He thought that that was pretty funny. He came in covered with mud so we placed him on the washing machine and stripped him of everything but his socks and shirt. Coat, shoes and all went into the washer. Grandma kept saying she was going to throw him in too.

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  1. LOVE those pigtails! and Grandma is so smart--I have never thought of doing that and we've had some pretty dirty boys around here before.