Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Fun Day

Yesterday Reagan began the day on the wrong side of the bed at 6 am. She is the one who likes to sleep in and given the oppurtunity has been known to sleep until 10am. I called her Grumpy Gus all day and it just got worse until she could go down for a nap after lunch. Shortly after lunch I was getting her ready for bed and she lost it. I've never seen her like this. She was screaming uncontrollably and I finally got her into bed with no change. So I got her back up and she went to sleep in my arms.
But inspite of this we had a really good day. The Primary was having an activity where they were celebrating the Prophets birthdays as two of them fall on March 28th. So they had a birthday party. Daniel really liked the games muical chairs (he won both times we played with Mom's help as he had no clue what to do) and the fishing pond which was called the "School of the Prophets". I had a horrible time keeping Daniel out of the birthday cake. Who's idea was it anyway to put the cake where 2 1/2 year olds can reach. One of Paul's cousins was there and was tyring to help me keep Daniel out of the cake and she noted, "He does have a little bit of his Dad in him". Later when the cut the cake Reagan couldn't get enough of it as it was chocolate. Thanks alot April for creating another chocaholic. The Activity was a cute idea and the kids had fun. I was a little nervous as I know very few people in the ward but it was fine.
Later after I got Reagan down for a nap, I was able to get one in as well and that made my day. Reagan has been having a really hard time at bedtime since we have been here and sometimes it's 10:30 before she goes to bed and then I'm up because I want a few minutes to myself or I am talking to Paul who is 2 hours behind and then I'm up at 6 or earlier with them. So a nap is the biggest treat in the world right now.
Lois' sister Kathryn came and hung blinds in our room. It was nice to see her and nice to see the blinds go up. My mother in law' house is right in front of the family buisness and there are big parking lot lights right outside our window, so at night it's very bright.
Then at the end of the day the kids and I stopped by my cousin Wendell's house. He's about a mile away and the kids had a blast. Wendell was the only one we really saw but he was so sweet with the kids we got to see their new puppies which had Daniel giggling everytime they let out little puppy bark and the big dogs would lick him to death. Then he got to feed the horses and go in the corral with them. Wendell has a tractor just like my Dad's so Daniel climbed right up and thought he was on Grandpa's tractor. Then Wendell helped him climb the big boulders that they have in their front yard. Daniel thought that was really cool. They have a tree swing in the front yard and Reagan loved that. That's what made her giggle. She loves to swing like her Mom and Grandma Lyman. Daniel was crying when we left. I told Wendell that that was a huge compliment from Daniel as everytime we go anywhere he wants to go back to Grandma Lois' house as he has so much fun there. It was nice to see family again.

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  1. Our kids love to be at Grandma Lois' too :)