Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nursery Calling Part???

Okay, I forget how many postings I have put on here about Nursery callings. But I didn't think I would be posting another one!
Paul and I met with the Bishop tonight and he issued us both callings. Prior to going into the Bishop's office Paul had mentioned that he hoped it wasn't a joint calling as those callings just aren't fun. I said how would you know that? You've never had one! So we go into the Bishop's office and the Bishop says to Paul, "this is a great calling, I would love to have this calling, I think you will like this calling". (Preface- as I happen to know that this is one of the most turned down callings in the church I think that Bishop's feel like they have to say that about this particular calling because I know several who have said that.) Then the Bishop continued, "it's a joint calling." (I'm thinking shoot, what are we getting ourselves into?) "We want to call your wife as Nursery Leader and you as a Nursery worker." I about died when I looked at Paul. Can you say shock? Having been through this once already I was slightly more prepared. I told him I had just turned down this calling a couple of months ago and explained my thoughts on the matter. He told us we didn't have to answer him right then but to give it a week and pray about it and let him know. He also said it would be alright if we came back and told him no. (Can I say that a small part of me wanted to shout YES! There's my out!?)
We are going to think it over and pray about it. There could be some good things come out of it, like Paul learning how to really interact and play with the kids. (Not that he doesn't but this could enhance his skills.) This could be what Daniel needs. He has really been struggling emotionally for at least the last 6 months. Maybe some time before he graduates into Primary in January with Daddy and Mommy. Or Reagan needs us when he transitions as she will be alone without him for the first time. I don't know. The Bishop did promise only to leave us in there for a year but it looks like a really long year...
We'll let you know what we decide.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mattress Ranch Comercial

Ever since we got here in Anchorage and watched T.V. we have seen commercials for the Mattress Ranch and in all of them the owner dances. It's so bad it makes you cringe, but it's also too funny! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Stripper Returns...

Did the title catch your eye? Since I have been potty training Reagan she has decided that she can take off all her clothes and runaround naked. Mom does not think that's so great. It's happened a few times and I was hoping that we were over it when last night I thought I would have a nice relaxing night. NOT!!!
Daniel had been climbing the bookcase and fell off resulting in scrapes and bruises. Since he hadn't had a nap he fell asleep in my arms at 4:30. When he does that it's great because he will sleep straight through until morning. I'm thinking great! He's in bed, I'll feed Reagan some dinner spend some time with her and spend a nice relaxing evening.
Reagan had been in bed for about an hour, and I was relaxing in a nice hot bath with a good book. One of my favorite things and I hear "Mommy, Mommy..." Knowing that that is her signal for come check things out something is wrong I went and looked. She was completely naked and had peed all over her bed. She got spanked and her clothes put back on. A little while later I heard "Mommy, Mommy..." I go check again. Yep, she's naked again and peed again. This went on for about a dozen times at least. By time 6 she had woken Daniel up and since he'd been asleep for several hours he was ready to get up. Daniel kept getting up turning on the light and playing. I went to go open the door to turn off the light and get him back in bed and it crashed right into him causing his lip to bleed. Reagan would scream by this time relentlessly as she wanted to be with me and she was upset because she kept getting spanked once every time she took off her clothes. She dirtied 3 loads of laundry worth of bedding last night!! Finally I got them both to go to sleep at about midnight. Only to have Reagan wake up screaming at 2am. I ran to get her before Daniel woke up and put her in my bed. They both woke up simultaneously at 7:30am. I was not too thrilled with that, but honestly compared to the 5am Daniel used to get up at, I guess I shouldn't complain.  I was trying to wake up enough to get out of bed and what does Reagan do? Strip again and pee all over the floor, then come in and poop on the clean clothes that I hadn't gotten folded and put away last night as I had been dealing with both of them all evening.
One day I will look back at this with fond memories.Right now I'm looking for the duct tape before I start bed time tonight so I can duct tape her diaper on at the very least and trying not to loose it with my daughter.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alone again...

Just a little over a month after getting Paul back we had to say good bye again this morning. Luckily only for two weeks this time. He left for a class that he needs so that he can get promoted with the National Guard. We're excited to have him be able to take this class finally as it has been a long time in coming, but sad to loose Daddy once again. The horrible part is that he's just a couple of miles away on Ft. Richardson! My Mom suggested taking Daniel over to where Paul would be and showing him as we talked to him letting him know that it was just going to be for a short time, as he has had a really hard time dealing with his emotions with all the upheaval of moving, loosing Dad, Aunt April, Grandma, and everything else in his little life. We took him there this weekend and as Paul talked to him about it he did nothing but scowl at the building. (Can you blame him?) We're hoping the time flies by and we may even try to sneak over and see Daddy a night or two when no one is looking.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Daniel's First Hike with Dad

Paul wanted to explore the area to figure out where he might like to go hunting next year, since he had the day off today he thought he would go for a hike. I thought it would be the perfect time for some Father/Son time. Daniel had a blast. Paul said that they only went about a mile up the trail as it took them 2 hours just to get that far as Daniel was running every which way across the trail.
Paul says that this is his sniper in training.

Potty Training #2

Reagan has been begging to go "potty since before we left UT. Since we were moving there was no way I was going to start potty training her until after we moved. (As it was, I had to stick Daniel back in a diaper while we were traveling) She started begging again this past week so we went and got her some underwear on Saturday. She was so excited! She carried them all through the store. But I was not prepared to start on Saturday so I thought we would start at the beginning of the week.
We'll that was today. I put her in underwear and sat her on the toilet this morning. I ended up having to leave her for a few minutes to take care of Daniel, but left her with a couple of books. While I was taking care of Daniel she got off and I had Paul help her pull her pants back up. When I got into the bathroom I discovered she had actually gone! Hurray for Reagan! Of course we had several accidents through the day but she did go again tonight!
Girls are SO much easier to potty train. I have probably potty trained at least 30 kids while working in my profession. Girls are almost always far easier than the boys. It took Daniel several weeks of just sitting on the toilet before he went for the first time.
So Hurray for Reagan!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reagan's dress from Grandma Lyman

My Mom made this dress for Reagan for her first birthday. It was way too big for her then, but it fits her just about right now. So here's your picture Mom. It was taken just outside our apartment. We just replaced her purse as her old one broke on our drive out here. Reagan thinks that a purse must of course go with you everywhere you go.
This was taken after church. One of the ladies at church let Reagan have her sunglasses for awhile while we waited for Paul. That of course made Reagan very happy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Grandma Lois's Kids

Grandma Lois eats cucumber and tomato sandwiches several times a day during the summer when they are in the garden. Apparently my kids have inherited her love of tomatoes. I was putting away groceries yesterday and noticed that I was missing a tomato. I thought it must have rolled out of the bag in the car and I'd need to go out and check. I found the tomato a couple of minutes later not in the car but in Reagan's hand. She was eating it like an apple hiding it from me. I let her finish it off (after I moved her to the kitchen so that the juice would be easier to clean off the floor) and made her share it with her brother who adores tomatoes. I walked into the kitchen a little later to find Daniel sneaking another tomato. Since it had already been bitten into I let him finish it off. I have two left that I'm hoping will make it into a salad later in the week.


My daughter Reagan is well on her way to having to join "shoeaholics anonymous". She LOVES shoes! In particular her black shinny Sunday shoes. She can find them wherever I hide them. But it also doesn't matter if she can't find them, she will try on her shoes all day long. As soon as I get her out of her p.j.'s in the mornings she must have shoes on immediately. In her opinion they should never come off except to put on another pair. Tonight while in the bathtub she wanted them with her and put on.
Where did this little girl come from? Her mother owns about 5 pairs of shoes total and is not very attached to any of them (okay maybe my Birkenstocks but that is purely for comfort reasons). The love of shoes must come from her Dad. He has at least 30 pairs (no I'm not kidding). In his defense a lot of them are army issued but he still has a lot.