Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Congratulations to Paul!

The course that he is in right now has two separate parts. He completed the first a few weeks ago and graduated from it as the  Honor Grad. He graduates from the second on Friday and will got Honor Grad again. Hurray for Paul! He also gets to come home a few days early (Friday instead of next Monday) as the whole class did so well that they are graduating them early. WOO HOO! There will be a happy family Friday night!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saying Prayers

Tonight while saying prayers with the kids, Reagan was repeating everything I said in the prayer. I said "please help us to be good." Reagan changed it and said "Please help Mom to be good."
Had to tickle her after that.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What to say?

How do you chew your daughter out for getting into your makeup when you are taking a picture of her? This is not the first time she has done this, just the first time I've gotten a picture and the worst looking. I was still wiping it off when we got to church as there are stray bits that I can't seem to get. (She would choose the waterproof mascara.) And where was I during this face painting you might ask? I was taking a shower. Daniel opened my bedroom door for her to get in as she can't open it, but that apparently was as far as his collaboration went.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

This was our first trip to the zoo here in Anchorage. They specialize in Arctic animals. Daniel is the little boy in the red coat and as you can see he wasn't afraid of trying to touch the hawk.Below are the Alpaca's. You could smell them as you came around the corner. I can tell you that they smell exactly like sheep. No wonder they use their hair for sweaters.The highlight of my day was seeing a Camel with two humps. Apparently the 2 hump Camels live in northern regions. I've never seen one before.
Daniel had a blast with his new friend Kaden while Reagan rode in the stroller with his little sister Brooke. (Hence no picture of Reagan.)These are Caribou. We saw all kinds of Arctic animals, and Reagan was happy as she got to see her Polar bears. (The semi pro hockey team's mascot is a Polar Bear, so she is in love with Polar Bears, due to her obsession with Hockey.)

Prolonging our Easter Celebration

We have been prolonging our Easter celebrations. A couple weeks ago we decorated the eggs. It was their first time and they LOVED it. (Lois and I  weren't brave enough to try it last year). Then last week we did the party at a friends. This weekend we had an Easter Egg Hunt. They got to play and have fun with friends and then had the Easter egg hunt and they got tons of eggs. Daniel didn't get as many as Reagan as bad Mom forgot his glasses. Reagan dressed up as a Princess and played with all the dolls. Daniel loved playing with the sword and shield and running around with the other boys.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program

FYI- Check out the  Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program. If kids read 8 books (younger ones Mom reads) and they keep track of them on their special reading passport then they get to choose a free book.
Thought you might like to know.

Monday, April 5, 2010


The morning started out with treats from the Easter Bunny and Grandma Lois. Reagan of course had to try on her new p.j.s right away and the candy disappeared at an astonishing rate. Tools to help in the garden were a prominent feature of the Easter gifts. (I'm hoping they will be occupied with all of it so I can actually get some work done.
This is the Easter aftermath that Daniel took a picture of. He is always stealing camera and taking pictures. Later that night we went to dinner at a friend's house and participated in an Easter Egg hunt. It was one of the most fun I've ever been to and we had a blast.
The best part of the hunt? They were real egg shells that had been decorated and filled with confetti with tissue paper taped to the end that was used to fill the egg. After all the eggs were found we would smash them on each others heads. When the first one was done you should have seen Reagan's face. She was so stunned. As you can see they had a blast. The eggs with confetti will have to become a new family tradition.

A Garden, A Garden, We have a Garden!

Okay, maybe only a garden spot (two) but this year we get to grow a garden and I'm so excited. This is what it looks like right now. The city has community gardens you can pay to rent each year and I happened to find out about it the day before the sign up began while looking for things to do with the kids.This is what the garden spot looks like right now. Not too inviting- But at least we will be able to have before and after pictures. I signed up for a class for next week on gardening- Not because I don't know how to garden but because I don't know how to garden in Alaska. Hoping to coax a few tomatoes to ripen as well as cold weather vegetables so I can make salsa, V8 Juice, Taco Sauce, mmm... I'm starting to drool just think about it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bedtime Stories

Tonight I was reading the book "Good Night Gorilla". As I would say "Good night Giraffe" etc. the kids would echo what I was saying. When I got to "Good night Armadillo", Reagan said "Good night I'm a Pillow". I had to laugh.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daniel and His Glasses

Not the best picture of Daniel as he was goofing off. But here he is with his glasses. So far he hasn't been too bad about keeping them on and I can really tell that they are making a difference. He tried watching t.v. up close like he has been doing as he couldn't see and had to move his glasses below his nose. Much of the time he is now staying on the couch to watch a show though now. The fact that they are bifocals doesn't seem to bother him.