Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Catching Up

We had a very busy week last week with lots of doctors appointments and a couple of fun meetings as well. We went to see my Aunt Rosemary and a couple of her kids (with their kids) on Friday last week and they took us to the Kangaroo Zoo in North Salt Lake. They have these big inflatable toys like moon bounces that the kids can play on. Daniel was so busy and so sweaty by the time we were done, at nap time he slept until 5pm. I pretty much didn't see him the whole time we were there as he was running from one place to the next. This is a great place to spend a rainy day to get the energy run out of them.

This was a slide, that you can't see how tall it was but it had to be at least 12-14 feet high and Daniel had no fear whatsoever and would scale that as fast as he could to go down it one more time. He loves slides and I predict that Roller coasters will be in his future. Reagan who usually hates slides, didn't go down this one but did go down a couple of smaller ones and really liked it (as long as Mom was there to cling to).

Also that week we had to go down to Salt Lake for an eye Doctor apt for Daniel so I called my friend Aimee and we went to go see her before the appointment in West Jordan. I've known Aimee since my first week in Virginia about 9 years ago. She was my Maid of Honor at my wedding and I haven't seen her since we got married. She's out of town every time we come to UT. Aimee took us to a fabulous park in West Jordan that I wish was closer to us.

Reagan's favorite thing at a park-swings!

Yesterday Daniel wanted to finger paint and Reagan thought she could too. Here are the results of her first finger painting experience. We mailed off the pictures to Dad today.

Speaking of Paul, he is now in at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco GA. He says that the campus is pretty big and he is wishing we had left one of our cars in VA so that he could fly up and drive it down one weekend. He has passed his physical fitness test and now has to pass all the book work. His first test I believe is either this Thursday or next. The weather is hot and the bugs are out. Hmm... what would that be like? We keep getting snow here in UT.
Yesterday I took a couple of hours for myself and got a babysitter for the first time since being here. I really haven't been away from the kids since we arrived here over a month ago. So I got my hair cut and went to the chiropractor. It was great! It was so nice I will have to avoid the temptation to do it too often. How about Thursday?!
Sunday we went to the Farr West 1st Ward instead of our ward so that Daniel could play with some kids in Nursery other than his sister. We were so welcomed and it was so nice that we will go back again. Daniel didn't want to leave Nursery and in our ward they are bringing him to me saying he doesn't want to stay. Who would when there is no one to play with?
Paul and I decided that we would get Daniel a ticket for a Day out with Thomas that is coming to the Heber Creeper in May as his birthday presents. He's really excited. The other morning he woke up to the noise from Petersen Inc. behind us and said," Mom, you hear that? That's Thomas!" It should be a fun day for us.
Well this should bring us up to date. No fun plans this week but we'll see what the week holds.

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  1. Hard to believe Paul's already in Georgia. When are you guys heading up to WA? We're really looking forward to seeing you all! Love the pics of the kids and getting to see what you all are up to!