Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alaska Here We Come!!

Or rather, here Paul comes. The long wait is over! We heard from Customs and Border Protection today, and Paul is supposed to be in Anchorage AK by the 23rd of March. We were given the option of several locations in Alaska but we chose Anchorage so that we could acclimate to the area easier than being out in the sticks to begin with.
Paul will be there for about a month in AK and then will leave to go down to Georgia to go through training until the end of July. We are considering having the kids and I stay with family until he is permanently there which means we will all be together again in AK probably the first part of August. We're looking at leaving Northern Virginia within the next 2 weeks. Paul was all set to start a new job on Monday as we had been waiting for so long for this job to come through. It has been about 2 years since we began this process.
Keep checking for further updates as things move forward.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Daniel and Moroni, and Kisses for Smoothies

Daniel goes to preschool two days a week. It's nothing fancy just a bunch of Mom's from church who take turns teaching it. This week was the letter T and on Monday they talked about Trumpets and Temples. The picture Daniel is holding up is the temple with the angel Moroni, and of course what little boy doesn't want a trumpet to make du du dudu noises on. This was a huge hit! Well today as we were reading scriptures (I read to him the illustrated scripture stories that the church puts out) we are reading the Book of Mormon. Wouldn't you know we would be reading about Captain Moroni. He immediately wanted his Moroni. We'll wait a few years to explain that Captain Moroni was a different person. For right now that's Moroni and he really liked the story of Captain Moroni because it has a flag (the Title of Liberty). Daniel, from the time he was very little has always had a deep affection for our flag. So the fact the Captain Moroni made one, scored points with him.
Recently we have been making a lot of frozen drinks because I really like them. We throw half of a container of frozen lemonade concentrate in the blender with ice, frozen fruit and water and mix and we have luscious goodness for a drink. Well Daniel really likes the frozen smoothies too, but we don't have any good glasses for me to just hand one over to him as they are really thick and don't come out of a sippy cup very well. So he doesn't always get some, but when he does it's usually after begging April and I and we'll give him a sip out of ours. Well recently April told him he had to give her a kiss before he could have a sip, now we don't even have to ask for a kiss, he sees what we have to drink and he comes running to give us kisses. We have him trained well... His future wife will be grateful!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Daniel Hamming it up

I have had the flu over the past week and have had the worst sinus headaches. Daniel came in to make me feel better. Aunt April captured these shots of my funny boy. He just loves to laugh and getting you or his sister to laugh with him really makes his day.

Reagan the Werewolf

Reagan for the first time last week had two pigtails that most of her hair made it into. What you see here is the aftermath of the pigtails on Saturday. Paul says she's his werewolf baby.