Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Animal Days in Wellsville

We spent the day in Wellsville with Grandma Lois and cousin Tyler (Tyler Hunsaker, we have two Tyler cousins.) It was a GREAT day although a little cold and a few sprinkles.

Tyler threw a tomahawk so hard it broke, and then proceeded to eat a grasshopper. He said it was onion and Garlic flavored. Grandma said he's off the kissing list. He was a great help with the kids.

The highlight of Daniel's day. His first pony ride. If you can focus in on his face in this first picture you can see the absolute joy. He was so proud of himself.

This was probably one of Reagan's favorites. She sat there as they drove all over the field and wanted to get right back in when it was over.

My favorite thing was just watching the joy and wonder on their faces, and then of course there was the kettle corn...

Baby, Baby Animals everywhere. There were goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, calves. Reagan really liked the calves. If the picture had been taken about a second later you would see her head resting on the calves head.

You can't see these very well but they were white peacocks. I've never seen white peacocks and I thought that they were pretty cool.

Daniel thought that it was pretty cool to chase all the birds, there were a giggle or two that escaped here.

Here Daniel learned a very important lesson about animals- that they can be dangerous and hurt you. Would you have guessed that this sweet little bunny would have ripped his lips and scratched his face? Note for the future. Baby bunnies have VERY sharp claws.

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  1. Poor Daniel! I'm glad they had fun (until the bunny attack anyway!)