Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Family Outing- Hockey!!

Paul called while we were in Missouri and said he had access to cheap hockey tickets and wanted to know if we wanted to go to a game when we got home. I thought we could try anything once so he got the tickets and we went the night after we got home. I have to say that I didn't really think I would like it because I am just not a sports fan. But to my great surprise we had a great time. Daniel wouldn't take a nap earlier in the day so he fell asleep within 5 mins of the start of the game and in spite of the noise slept through the entire thing. Reagan did get a nap and enjoyed every minute of the game. Within 20 mins. of the game starting she was yelling with the best of them "Go Aces, Go Aces". (I think we have a hockey fan on our hands.) I had forgotten how different it is to go to a live game rather than a televised one. To top the night off the Alaska Aces won over the Las Vegas Wranglers. Looks like this will be a family affair. Next week it's the UT Grizzly's against the Aces. GO ACES!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Stolen pictures of me

So my sister Eliza loves to take pictures and constantly has a camera to her face, Here are some pictures she stole of me while we were in Missouri. Not her best (you should see some of her pictures they are gorgeous!) but then her subject is not very photogenic.

Cowboy Daniel

Before we left for Missouri Daniel couldn't stop talking about playing guns with Uncle Johnny. He was not let down at all in that regard. He had so much fun playing cowboys while we were there that Daddy had to get him his own cowboy hat, guns and gunbelt for his Valentine's day present upon our return.


Spending quality time at with Uncle Jonathan.

Me and my cousin Tyler

Reagan had a lot of fun playing on the piano while we were in Missouri with my family. She also had fun with her partner in crime her cousin Tyler.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Our Princess Reagan

This is our little princess. She thoroughly enjoyed being in Missouri with my family.Top down- Reagan and Mom, with Great Aunt Diane (sorry Aunt Diane), with Aunt April, and with Grandpa or Papa as she calls him. Reagan was able to go on her first sled ride (my parents have great hills for sledding). Yes I know we should have taken her here by now with all this snow, but with a herniated disk in my back I have been a little hesitant. She also got to jump to her hearts content on my parents trampoline. The piano was in close reach so she was happy with that and she loved getting to play with her cousins.

Daniel and Violin

My son has been in love with the violin since we spent 7 months with my parents while Paul was in Iraq. My brother David plays as does my sister Hannah. It was Hannah he would listen to as she practiced every day. I hope to start him on one next year. In the mean time while we were in Missouri for my Grandfather's funeral Uncle Jonathan aided him with his love of the violin and helped him play.

Reagan's Coat

I took Reagan shopping for next year's winter  coat a few weeks ago and this is the one she picked out. Since then she has refused to wear her current coat and refers to it as "my pretty coat". Oh boy do I have a little girl who adores pretty things!

In memory of my Grandpa

My Grandfather (my mother's father) passed away Sunday February 7th due to Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia. He went quickly and quietly. He has spent the last 9 months or so living with my parents until the last 2 months when it became necessary to place him in a nursing home, but he spent most of that time in the hospital.
He was a wonderful Grandpa who loved to surprise us with visits. He was a workaholic and when he came to visit when I was little he made sure that we did plenty of work too. Which as a kid I didn't appreciate. He was fun and enjoyed life. He loved trains and I remember him taking us to ride on them when I was little. He may not have excelled in all roles of his life but one area in which he did was that of a Grandfather. You will be missed Grandpa.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Can Paul Survive????

Well since last Wednesday Calleen and the kids have been in Missouri attending to family matters there with the death of Calleen's Grandfather. Calleen sounds good considering the situation and it has been good for her to be with her family at this time. Plus having more help with the kids has been great for her, especially since the kids are both sick ans throwing up. I think that she was happy to get out of the house for a bit too.

These last few months has shown us a whole new meaning to the term "lack of daylight"; although we have been gaining about 5 min of daylight per day. When I get home from work there is still about an hour or so of daylight left.

The whole point of this blog was to ask if I can survive, well I think I might be able to hold out. Today I had to call Calleen and ask where the food was at. Is that pathetic or what?
I have been surviving off of Healthy Choice Steamer's and Scooby-Doo fruit snacks; geese I'm a sad case. Well yesterday I ran out of those and today I had to actually cook. I was somewhat surprised that it didn't turn out too well, seems I have forgotten how to cook a hamburger.

Despite my attempt at possible self food poisoning I was able to get something cooked. Well now comes the challenge of cooking for the next two days (Calleen will be home Wednesday, THANKGOODNESS!!!) Don't get me wrong I am not feeling sorry for myself even if it sounds like it. I am simply saying that Calleen does everything around here and it OUTSTANDING as a wife and mother. I want her to know that!!!

Paul's New Calling

Well there is absolute proof out there that you can get out of a church calling, not that I was trying to anyway.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well I received this from a friend of mine in Virginia today, I think they're trying to say "ENOUGH SNOW ALREADY".