Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Saturday At Grandma's

Saturday's at Grandma's usually start with pancakes and little smokies. Grandma is quite talented in making the pancakes and usually there are Mickey Mouse pancakes and smiley face pancakes, this morning she out did herself and made a Lightning McQueen pancake. You can imagine what this little boy thought. He is not usually a good eater, but he ate 4 pancakes this morning. He couldn't resist all those different pancakes.

Reagan got her first 4 wheeler ride today and she really loved it. They take it down the street to visit a horse and feed the horse grain out of a bucket. Grandma said Reagan wasn't afraid of the horse at all, which isn't surprising as she is my animal lover. Daniel likes them, but she loves them. She came back with a very serious face and you would have thought that she wasn't so sure about it, but she didn't want to get off the 4 wheeler and wanted to stay long after the ride was over. She kept trying to climb up there all day.

Daniel was jumping for joy just to be outside for the day. He was skipping all along the lawn.

Grandma also brought out a big beach ball she had got for them this week as well as a bat and balls to hit. Daniel is currently using the bat like a crochet mallet or a golf club, but he's working on the coordination. If he's anything like me it will never come. Hopefully he will have more of his Dad in him in this respect.

Next up was feeding the birds with Grandma. He thinks this is so much fun, though I'm not sure that equal amounts of bird seed don't end up on the ground as well.

Reagan tried eating dirt. She decided it didn't taste very good but then went back for more a couple of times. By the end of the day both of our children looked like little urchins and Reagan had been through 2 outfits due to my not wanting to put her down for a nap in her filthy clothes. And they were so happy about it. They played so well in the dirt together that I took my book out and read. Calvin jumped in my lap and went to sleep. That made his day. I loved that they were playing so well together that I could just sit and read. I could get used to this! Of course there were plenty of other times when they didn't play so well and timeout was a must for Daniel. Tonight while talking to Daddy on the phone he was telling him about his day and he said he had to go to time out. Daddy asked why, he said because I was naughty. He was not ashamed of it at all.

This afternoon we went back out after naps and Daniel discovered that kicking the beach ball around was a ton of fun. I wish I had had a video camera because he was hilarious running around kicking the ball, Grandma and I would help and he would giggle for all he was worth. He was laughing so hard he would fall on the ball or he would go to kick it and fall over because he was just laughing so hard. You had to be there.
We finished off the day with Spaghetti, one of Daniel's favorite meals and also very messy. So by the time they were finished we were very ready for a bath. What a glorious fun day we had.

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  1. Ok, that was a very cool pancake! I was thinking of showing Will tonight but then he will think I should do Love seeing the kids and reading your updates. It sounds like everyone is enjoying Utah!