Monday, April 13, 2009


So I wasn't able to get the pictures that I really wanted. Daniel was in a less than cooperative mood yesterday but here are a few pictures of the kids. If you click on the one of just Reagan with the front view you will be able to see the smocking on her dress. It's such a cute dress, but the kids were in full blown run away from Mom and Grandma mode yesterday and most of the shots I took are of them running away. They ran away outside, they ran away at church, they ran away inside the house. What a day. At church we were sitting in the back of the cultural hall and they both decided to go their separate ways at the same time. Reagan made it halfway up through the chapel before I caught her. A very wearing day.
They did enjoy what the Easter bunny brought them. I had hoped to get pictures of their reactions, but you'll just have to read about them I guess. Reagan got an Elmo book that has a piano on the bottom of it and that brought a giggle out in her. They both received buckets and shovels and did not want to come in from playing out in the dirt. A definite hit. Candy of course was Daniel's favorite thing, Reagan wasn't far behind. Neither one of them ate breakfast very well.
They have both decided to change their name for me. Reagan who can same MaMa just fine decided recently that my name is now MotMa and she sings it like Uh-O. Daniel has decided that he is allowed to call me Calleen. He walks into the room and says, "Calleen", and then what ever is on his mind. I'm working on correcting that. Yesterday he even called Paul, Paul on the phone. Crazy little boy.
Anyone have any suggestions for getting an almost 3 year old to listen and obey? I have tried spanking, bribing/rewarding, timeout, sent him to his bed, taking away things. Everything I can think of and none of it matters to him. I know that at least part of it is him adjusting to the the new place and the losses he has experienced but something has got to change before he gets seriously hurt. He is doing better about falling apart emotionally all the time and I am grateful for that.
Paul has about a week and half left in Anchorage before leaving for Georgia. Daniel thinks that Daddy is going to his friend Georgia's house and I cannot convince him otherwise. Paul has been enjoying his time there in AK. Friday and Saturday nights he went to hockey games and Friday he had a hard time trying to decide who to root for as they were playing the hockey team from UT. We miss him and can't wait to be back together as a family.

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  1. Cute Easter outfits! Hang in there Calleen--you are doing a great job.