Monday, April 27, 2009

A Day

I was just reading my friend Heidi's blog and she was writing all about the postitive things about her little girl who is a little bit younger than Daniel. How I wish I could write that tonight, but after the last 2 days and night I have had with Daniel... Augh! He has fallen apart at everything and all day long for the last two days, kicked and hit his sister, not listened to or obeyed anything I said, and last night climbed into my bed about 6 times last night. Where is my adorable, loving little boy? I was hoping to get him to go to sleep early tonight so that perhaps he would have a better day tomorrow, but at 9 o'clock he was still in the bedroom getting in to things. I'm not sure that I want to go in and see if he's asleep yet. Tomorrow I am hoping will be better. If not the poor babysitter will have to deal with 4 hours of life with this new Daniel while I take some time for myself.

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