Friday, April 17, 2009

Alaskan Road Trip

Well I decided to take a small road trip Today and it turned out kinda cool. Anchorage is starting to look like spring "might" show up. However; the mountains in the background say different.

I headed south on the New Seward highway from Anchorage and went as far as Girdwood; about a 45min trip south. This is the same road you would take to go to Homer or Seward.

I stopped along the way when I thought something looked cool. If I had continued stopping for the same reason, I would still be driving toward Girdwood. The scenery here is really awesome. You can look at something and think that it's beautiful, and yet it can do a lot of damage to you. All the brown stuff behind me, that looks like water, isn't. It's mud and a lot of it. The mud here is worse than quicksand they say. One minute it's safe to walk on the next second it grabs you and your done for. It's been said that if you get caught in this mud you have about 2 min, tops, to get out. The fire dept. won't even bother rushing to the rescue if it's been past that time. They just can't save you fast enough. Scary stuff!!!
This is main street Girdwood, not exactly a tourist attraction; or is it? I kept driving up the canyon and I found the following area snuggled up in the back of the canyon.

This is a miniature of the high dollar ski areas in Colorado. They have a tram here (ski lift's too) that takes you to the top of the mountain and you can see clear across the cook inlet. I didn't get to go up, because the tram was shut down for the day, but you can see that Volcano (Redoubt) from the top of this thing.

Pretty cool, at least I thought so!!

Here's just a couple of pictures I took. ENJOY!!!

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  1. Very cool--I have always wanted to see Alaska, love the pictures! Did Ed ever get back to you??