Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holidays

We hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year. We didn't get a Christmas card out this year and I didn't take any pictures at Christmas... We've spent the last couple of weeks really sick. So we are wishing you all the best and hoping that sickness will soon leave our house and we can get back to normal.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thanks Aunt Kim

I guess when you see this Kim you will know that we did get your package since I've been bad and neglected to call anyone to let them know we did get their packages. Kim supplied Reagan and her friend (boyfriend really) with a good solid hour of fun playing with "Ghost Poop" as Paul's family calls them (packing peanuts as the rest of us know them by). Cyrus was a trooper when it came to cleaning up. Reagan... well she looked the other way and didn't get the reward of marshmallows for cleaning up. (She also got in trouble as she kept changing into the dress you see here.) Cyrus is Reagan's favorite person. I'm told she steals kisses on the sly. Which he isn't too keen on.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Conversations with Reagan

I was on the phone telling my Mom about what a girl Reagan is. She has to carry a purse anytime we leave the house, chap stick is her constant companion, clothes changed multiple times a day... You get the picture. I said to my Mom, " I don't know where she gets it from. It wasn't from me." Reagan replies to me, " I know, from Daddy!"

Last night we were watching t.v. and the people on there weren't being very nice to each other, so Reagan commented that they didn't love each other. I asked her who loved her. Her first response was a resounding " My Daddy!", quickly followed by... "Santa Claus!"

Friday, December 3, 2010


Note: Lots of blog updates below-
For Christmas this year for the first time in a long time I'm making some of the presents. I had forgotten how rewarding and fun it can be. Reagan is modeling hats I made for my nieces (Jamie I'll make you one too if you want one.).

Reagan of course had to have one too.It was so much fun crocheting that I started a sweater that I'm almost done with for Reagan. Pictures to come soon. But I feel like I'm accomplishing something when I'm watching t.v. and not just wasting time. Soothes my guilty conscience.

I've also had a lot of fun making things like this board. I saw what this board says and had to have one too. I've made a couple of similar things for people for Christmas but I don't want them to see their presents yet so I'm not posting them on the blog. A lady here in Anchorage has all the stuff and can print about anything up to go on the boards etc. Check out her blog. I've got an order in for several more things. I'm not a huge crafty person. Things have to have a purpose for me to make them, so I need a lot more reasons! This has been so much fun!

Reagan's 3rd Birthday

She may be 3 but she says she's 5. Reagan's wish for her birthday was to have a birthday party, cake and chips. So the weekend before her birthday we had a party with all her friends and she had a blast! Unfortunately I didn't get one picture of the whole thing. I did however get pictures of her actual birthday.
That night we went downtown to the AT&T Christmas Tree lighting. Here are a couple of the pictures from that. It's a bit hard to take pictures when you are holding onto a 3 & 4 year old and there are lots of people around. But I think it's pretty cool that we live in a place where Santa actually gets pulled into town in a sled pulled by Reindeer.

Daniel insisted that we wait in line so that he could sit on Santa's lap. So we braved the line in 15 degree weather and they got to sit on his lap. Daniel had the biggest smile on his face. He had a laundry list of things he told Santa of the things he wanted. Reagan said she wanted pink bows for Christmas and Santa misheard her and thought she said that she wanted a pink boat. He asked what color of fish she was going to catch with that pink boat. Red Salmon?

We finished the night with yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting for my chocoholic girl. Happy Birthday Reagan!

First Sledding of the Season

And Daddy got to come!!! I think this was Reagan's first time ever sledding. Last year she couldn't handle more than 5 minutes outside during the winter. She was much more game now that she is older. Daniel didn't even use a sled half the time as he would just slide down in his snow suit.

All I want for Christmas is Shoes...

My little girl is a true girl and she doesn't get it from me. I recently went through and got rid of all her shoes that don't fit. Before I did so I took a picture of all the shoes that literally stretched from one end of the room to the other (and she has a good size room). There is even a pair or two missing. She went from about 20 pairs of shoes (far more than I own, but still less than Dad :-) to two pairs of shoes, one of which was her snow boots. She has since acquired a couple more pairs of shoes. But Santa Claus... A little girl with a sense of fashion and style would LOVE to replenish her closet full of shoes for Christmas.

ASD Family Fun Fair

I am SO far behind on my blogging... Here is the first Saturday in October. The kids and I went to the Anchorage School District Family Fun Fair. It was for all the families with kids in Special Education classes, and frankly if that's the kind of things we get to do with Daniel being in Special Ed. classes, we won't mind it too much. The kids had a blast!

Here we went on our wagon ride. Reagan had no intention of ever leaving the playdough table. That's her in the lime green shirt and Daniel is there at the end.
We came home with a BIG shopping bag full of stuff. Probably 20 new books, bouncy balls and slime the kids made, math toys, and much more. They had a mad scientist that they got to do all kinds of crazy science experiments. Here is Daniel riding on the hover craft.