Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saying goodbye to Daddy again

Once again we had to say goodbye to Paul again. This time luckily it's only for 6 weeks. He left at 2:30am this morning for Sacramento to attend a class for the Military so that he can "reclass" from Infantry to Communications. Luckily most of the stuff he will be studying he is already extremely familiar with from his time at Ft. Bragg.
As a special treat we went to Cold Stone for ice cream last night. Oh so yummy. I had been wanting to go for my birthday earlier in the week and we had just never gotten there. BTW if you've ever had my parents homemade ice cream, Cold Stone's peanut butter comes pretty close! We kept the kids up until 12:30am last night as we had to take Paul to the airport and he wanted to spend time with us. So we got a late start on the day waking up at 9am. Hopefully the time will go quickly. Daniel is already asking if we can go back to the airport and pick up Daddy.


  1. too bad you can't go with. Hey what's the weather like up there? And how's the sunlight?

  2. The weather has been a balmy 40 degrees and we have sunlight at the moment until about 8:30pm. The snow is melting beautifully, but it just makes everything dirty (they don't use salt to melt it but dirt and rocks for traction instead).

  3. that's awesome that Paul is reclassing! my sister's MOS is communications, and really enjoys it. Sad to have to spend time apart, but for a good reason!