Thursday, March 25, 2010


Okay, I'm finally getting our Iditarod pictures posted. This was the beginning with the presentation of the colors.

The kids and I were right there at the starting line. Not exactly the best place to be with little kids by yourself. It was really difficult to see.

A state trooper dog sled.

This was a video clip but for some reason isn't downloading as video. (I don't have the patience tonight to figure out how to change it.)
The dogs were SO anxious to go. The wanted to run and once they started you could just see how much they love to run.

This is DeDe. She is a famous Iditarod racer. She is in all kinds of commercials up here for the local cell phone company.
This is a friendly Tibetan Monk who was visiting Anchorage for the Iditarod. He helped entertain Daniel while we waited for the race to begin. Paul was working security so I had the kids by myself. In the future I think we will wait until they are a little older to go as it was really hard by myself and we didn't get to see a lot. (Most of the pics. are taken by someone else who could see.)

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  1. You guys are getting to do and see some fun and exciting things up there!