Thursday, March 25, 2010

And the Lyman Genes Win Again...

So my Dad's family does not have the best genes when it comes to eyes. There are a lot of various problems in my extended family and in my own immediate family. Yesterday I took Daniel to the eye doctor as the day before he had been squinting like crazy to see across the room. We have been watching his eyes since he was 2, as they could tell that he was near sighted but not enough at that point for glasses. They said that it is unusual for kids his age to be near sighted so we should watch it closely. Thus the visit yesterday. It was a good thing we did as we discovered that he has to go into bifocals. (Pictures to come in about a week once we pick them up) He has become very near sighted (thus standing so close to the t.v.) and is far sighted as well and we're pretty sure he's very color blind. Guess there is a reason he's having a problem learning his colors. Sorry to pass on the bad genes Daniel. Reagan I hope you have better luck.

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  1. Ah, poor guy! I bet he'll be handsome in glasses though :)