Monday, March 15, 2010

My new hobby

For the last several months couponing has become my new hobby and unlike most hobbies it actually saves or makes me money. Try and do that with most hobbies.Yes there is the cost of the newspaper ($4.11 a week) and ink and paper for the printer, but balance that with my trip that I just took to Target.
I paid $151.16
I saved $120.33
For a long time I was a coupon skeptic. Those of you who know me well know that I make most meals from scratch and we like to eat pretty healthy (except when it comes to dessert) and a lot of the coupons you see are for prepackaged processed foods. So I thought I'd never find coupons that would do me a lot of good. Boy was I wrong!
What did I buy at Target?
Diapers and Pull-Ups- Target is having a sale this week that makes Huggies $7.00 and Pampers diapers $8.50 then I had $2.00 or 1.50 off Manufacturer coupons and Target coupons for $1.50 (Target allows you to one each of  their coupons and a man. coupon for the same item) This made the diapers/pull-ups around $5. If you've ever bought diapers and pull ups you know how expensive these can be.
7th Generation multi surface cleaner- $1.00 each after coupons
Clorox toilet bowl wand starter kit- I've been wanting to try this for a long time as toilet bowl cleaners are just disgusting. I had a $5.00 off coupon and there is a $5.00 mail in rebate for this online. This makes it cost essentially $1.19 -Oh and take that $5 off the total I paid since I'll be getting it back.
Gillette Body wash- Free (2)
Olay Body wash- Free (1)
Gillette clinical strength deodorant- normally $7.94 I got it for $3.94
Aussie Hairspray- $1
Aussie Mousse- $1
Band Aids- $1 (If I had only printed off more of the Man. coupons those would have been $0.04!)
Gillette Power Fusion Razors- Free (2) + I got a $5 gift card for the next time at Target- Moneymaker! Take that off my total spent. (I could have gotten 2 more but thought that 2 was enough for now.)
Gillette Power Fusion cartridges- 12.79 + $5 gift card-Take that off my total spent.
Venus Embrace Razors-for two I paid 11.88 + 5.00 gift card Take that off my total spent.

So with my gift cards and rebates that brings my total to $131.16 that I would have spent and 140.33 that I saved. There were a few other things like milk that weren't such a good deal that I have left off. But you get the idea. I had to go buy a binder for all my coupons (2 in. and growing!) as I quickly outgrew the accordion style coupons holders that you see. Then I put baseball card holders in it. Today was my first day shopping with it and it was much easier. Some other deals I have gotten in the recent past? Last week it was fruit snacks for free or at most $0.50 at the grocery store. The week before 4 packs of light bulbs for $0.50. I stock up on what I find so I don't have to buy it again until the next deal comes around. No one complained about the 10 boxes of fruit snacks last week.


  1. Good job!! Now you can take your savings and start a hobby that costs money :) just kidding!