Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy things about Alaska

Here is a list of things we have found interesting or crazy or both here in Alaska
-We finally got our cars registered this month. To our surprise we discovered that in Alaska they don't have safety inspections here. But they do have emissions testing which costs an insane $60. So when you go to get your emissions done (VA friends) thank your lucky stars yours costs so little. Why would you have emissions but not safety? I think that is a little crazy. Luckily they are discussing getting rid of the emissions.
- Ever hear of a "Fur Rondy"? Rondy is short for Rendezvous. The Fur Rondy precedes the Iditarod (post coming soon about the Iditarod)  and goes on for a week and a half. It celebrates the fur industry here in Alaska. They have things like outhouse races, running with the reindeer races, a charity ball that includes contests for the longest and best beard. Only in Alaska... We didn't make it to any of the festivities but next year we are definitely going to. It looked like so much fun.
-Frequently I complain to Paul that they really need to paint the lines on the road with a different kind of paint as you can hardly see them at all. You never know if you're driving in your lane or not. He always replies, "No one drives in their lane anyway, so what would be the point?" He's right, at least during the winter with all the snow. Your lane half the time becomes the turning lane of the opposing lane of traffic due to all the snow. 4 lane road? Forget it until they get around to plowing the road, it's down to at least 2. You might think, well that's not bad, but when it snows frequently, they haven't necessarily cleared the snow from the last storm yet.
-Speaking of driving here- Are there any other states out there where it is legal turn right from the 2nd turn lane? You're approaching the intersection. There are two right turn lanes. Unless there is a sign you can always make a right hand turn from the right turning lane. But here you can also turn right from the other lane.
-In Alaska they have 5 seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Break up. What is Break Up? It is the time when all the snow and ice melts. Here they don't use salt to melt the ice and snow, they use dirt and gravel to give you traction. So as you can imagine as all the snow melts everything becomes filthy. Forget having a clean car or clean clothes during this time. Rain boots become a must not necessarily because of rain but due to all the puddles. (Post about that will be coming soon.)

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  1. Love this! So interesting. You guys are having an adventure!