Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ever Shop Walgreens?

One more post about my finds. But have you ever shopped Walgreens? I would have never have thought about shopping at a drugstore for anything other than drugs and related items. If you shop it regularly, it's expensive. But if you shop the ads and coupons, as my friend says "Walgreen's pays me to take things out of their store."
Today I went to Walgreens and this is what I bought- (Note, Walgreen's give a 15% discount to the military so these are the prices with the military discount)
Excedrin 250 count-  $13.17 - the $4.00 Walgreens coupon,- the $2 man. coupon. (Like Target they allow coupons from their store to be paired with coupons from the man.) Final Price-$7.17
Gold Medal White Flour 5 lbs.-$2.46 - the $0.77 WAGS coupon,- the $0.75 Man. coupon Final price- $0.94
Hefty Zip Lock Bags 17 count- $0.97 (on clearance) -$0.20 man coupon Final Price-$0.77
Reynold's Foil 20 ft.- $1.52 -$0.68 WAGS coupon, -$1.00 man coupon Final Price-$ Free + $0.16 money  maker.
Windex Multi surface-$1.95 (clearance) -$1.00 man coupon Final Price -$0.95  + I mail in the receipt and the UPC numbers for a $5.00 rebate Final Price after rebate- Free + $0.71 money maker for each of the three I bought.
Kleenex- $0.99 -$0.75 when you buy 3 Final Price- $0.74
Off Brand HP Ink Cartridges $3.65 (on clearance)!!!!! Okay this was my favorite find today as it is so expensive to buy ink for printers. I bought all the black ink that I knew would work for our printer that they had (4). I couldn't remember what the number was for our color cartridge but I'm seriously thinking of going back now that I've looked at my printer.
Planter's honey roasted Peanuts- $2..29 (clearance) this was more it looked good and I was hungry.
Reeses cups (mini)$0.28 -Reagan and Daniel helped themselves so I had to buy them...
So in conclusion- According to my receipt I spent $35.28, my total savings was $64.34.

It was a good day shopping. I also checked out a store here that I can drop the kids off in the playland while I shop for an hour. Heaven! Everyone was so much happier! Well worth the drive of a few more minutes.

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