Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random pictures from Aunt April's visit

There will be at least two more posts about April's visit here, but I'm going to post all the random pictures in this one.

These are the wild blueberries we picked on "Flat Top" mountain. I wish we had brought the camera that day as the view was incredible. You seriously felt like you were in the scenes of Heidi or "The Sound of Music". It really fed your soul just looking at the view. We planted the kids literally on the side of the mountain laying down stuffing their faces with as many blueberries and crow berries as they could eat. I kept asking Daniel if he was asleep because he was laying there and I didn't hear anything from him. He was too busy eating! Definitely a place we will return next year. Though I think we will invest in blueberry pickers this time as the berries are really small like you would find in a blueberry muffin mix that you bought at the store. They are delicious though. About half of these we used and made into a couple of Lemon Blueberry cheesecakes that were DELICIOUS! The rest are sitting in my freezer waiting for that special occasion to pop them into something really good.

This one is Reagan really excited about the 7 bags of candy that "Aunty " brought with her for her and Daniel. I wish you could have all seen the scene at the airport when we went to get April. Reagan, Daniel and April couldn't have been happier. Everyone in the airport was enjoying the shear joy on their faces.

Two cute little kids ready for church.

This is at Potter's Marsh where we took April. She was really hoping to see Moose while she was here but unfortunately she didn't get too. (Probably the fact that hunting season started that weekend had something to do with it.) She did get to see Dahl sheep which were climbing the side of the mountain on next to the highway going out of town. They look a lot more like goats than sheep, but that's what they tell me they are.

Great food, not just good food is a must at all gatherings large or small of our family. Here we have homemade vanilla pudding fresh and steaming from the pot. YUM!

Aunty and Reagan enjoyed making chocolate ship cookies together.

Daniel "waking up". He likes to pretend he's asleep when it's time to get out of the car.

Rubbing the bear's belly for good luck on a trip downtown for music in the park. We enjoyed amazing Reindeer and Elk Gyro's. April said she needed to come downtown and have one a day while she was here they were so good. It was raining this day and it was pretty miserable. The kids were good sports but April used to the 100 degree weather back in Virginia was freezing with our 55 degree weather and rain. Luckily we broke our rainy spell about halfway through her trip (32 consecutive days of rain). Daniel and I had prayed the night before for sun. My son just really wanted to go to the park and play, and I really didn't think that it was uncalled for to pray for sun after that much rain. So we prayed. The next day was bright and sunny and Daniel woke up and saw it and said, "Mommy Heavenly Father made the sun! We were VERY happy.

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