Monday, August 23, 2010

Must read Blog Post for All Parents

I follow a blog about motherhood in Alaska and today's post should be shared with all parents and anyone who is involved with kids. So check out Scribbit and the post on "sexting". The author's brother sets down the legal ramifications of sexting. It's pretty scary. Even if your child isn't the culprit but just receives it they can be in trouble, or you finding it on their phone and giving it back to them- you could be in trouble. This is a very important issue that we should all be aware of. So check it out (Note, it doesn't show it's a link and it's not letting me change it, but click on the following words)- Sexting: One More Thing for Parents to be Aware Of


  1. gosh, I'm still trying to figure out playground rules!
    Just checking in to your blog to say- Hey. We still like to see your happy pictures. How's the garden?

  2. Garden has suffered with all the rain we've been having but we did get our first tomato yesterday. Very tiny. I've got a bunch of posting to do but just haven't gotten around to it yet.