Sunday, August 1, 2010

Music in the Park

There is a park downtown that has live bands that play everyday during the summer. We have gone a few times and Daniel keeps asking to go more. So Wednesday in spite of the rain we went out to the park. Both the kids enjoy listening to the music and Daniel just climbs a tree and sits there and listens. Reagan can be induced from time to time to get out and dance. One of the times we went they were celebrating Canada day and they were giving out HUGE cupcakes which the kids had for lunch. It was a little strange being there celebrating Canada day in the U.S. Last week when we went it was an Air Force band called Top Hat. They were pretty good but a little loud. I was thinking we needed ear protection. They also have music at the Library on Tuesdays and while we haven't made it to that one we did make it to a little kids music party on Thursday. Reagan enjoyed the music but mostly she enjoyed picking all the flowers. That is one of her FAVORITE things to do. No flowers are safe from her. Guess she's Grandma Lois' girl. (Those are your pearls you gave her by the way Lois.)

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