Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anchorage AK Temple

I finally took the time to take the kids to see the temple here in Anchorage. If you haven't seen one of the small temples you would be surprised at just how small they are in comparison to other temples. This temple is a little bit hidden from the road unlike a lot of temples that are on hill for all to see. Driving by you have to be looking for it and really only see the angel Moroni. One of my favorite parts is the tile floor that is warmed. During the winter I just want to stand there basking in it's warmth. Daniel was really excited to be at the temple again. He really enjoys seeing the Angel Moroni on the temple, and he has looked for it on the temples since he was really little when we were in D.C.
Oh, and it isn't me in the pictures with the kids, it's my sister April who came for a visit (Yes, everyone says she looks like me. It's funny having a twin born 10 years later...)
In exploring the temple grounds we found an honest to goodness fairy ring. Who would have thought? Several of the mushrooms had been broken down but it was there. I've also never actually seen mushrooms like this. Maybe they are common up here? (Heck, after 32 days of straight rain I'm surprised we haven't all become mushrooms! (And yes I did just say heck. Thank you Grandma Lyman for teaching me that one!)) April was telling me that a friend of hers served his mission in Iceland and up there they firmly believe in "the little people". Let's see if I get this story straight- The little people came to be when Adam and Eve were alive. God had come down to visit them and Eve couldn't get all the children ready in time so she hid some of them. God asked her, "Eve where are all the children".
She replied, "They are here".
"These are all the children?"
And because these children were hidden they became "the little people". I thought it was a fun story if nothing else.

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