Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elemendorf Air Show


Yesterday we went to the Elemendorf Air Force Base Air Show. I was a little nnervous going with the kids as I went by myself with them as Paul had to work. It took an hour to get from the off ramp on to base and to where the parking was. The kids were almost asleep before we got there.

Daniel was really anxious to see the planes. Luckily they allowed us to go on a lot of the planes. His favorite thing was to try out all the different seats on the plane, buckle up and say, "I'm ready to go Mom!". He really like to see where Dad jumped out of the planes and helicopters too.
They got to climb in and go on all kinds of Army vehicles. You didn't need to buy your kids any souvenirs as there was so much being given away.

We spent about 2 hours there but we literally would have needed all day to see everything. When we got there the Canadian Snowbirds were flying. They are Canada's equivalent of our Blue Angels. The crazy roller coaster like flying would have definitely had me sick. We didn't see the Blue Angles yesterday but we did see them the day before when they were practicing. I swear the planes were touching as they were flying sideways. You have to have a death wish to be able to fly like that. I tried to get pictures and videos of the various planes flying but most of them didn't turn out.

Here we have the a Radar one that was really cool, you can see the dish spinning, but if you watch in the background you will see the Harrier Airplane. The plums of smoke that you see in the picture are from that aircraft as it was taking off. It actually burned the runway.

Behind all these people are is a memorial for the Airmen who died in a crash last week up here on base. There were piles of flowers that people brought in and laid at the base of pictures and short biographies of the men.

It was a good day and we enjoyed ourselves until the fighter jests started flying. It scared the kids to death as they were SO loud. We had ear protection but apparently for Daniel that wasn't enough. Reagan once she got used to it was fine. Daniel wouldn't remove his hands from his ears until we got to the car.
The trip home was thankfully much faster as I had very tired kids.

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