Thursday, March 26, 2009

What happened to Spring?

Since arriving in UT not even 2 weeks ago we have seen more snow than the entire winter in Virginia. It's snowed twice already and I believe it's going to snow again soon. We went shopping today with the kids Grandma (Lois), and her sister Carolyn in Park City at the outlet mall, and as we would get ready to walk into the store Lois and Daniel would be having snowball fights and Daniel would be giggling for all he is worth. So much fun and great memories.

And great bargains. Children's Place was clearing out their winter stuff and I got a lot of clothes for Reagan for next year because they were $1.49 a piece. You can't beat that! We also got the kids the rest of the way outfitted for summer and their Easter outfits. Reagan's dress is SO CUTE! I had such a hard time deciding because I wanted every last dress there was in Children's Place. Girl's are very dangerous for your pocket book.

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  1. We've had more snow in WA than I've ever seen. I'm tired of it and ready for spring/summer too!