Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Prelude Journey

Part one of our long journey is over. We are now here in UT.

There hasn't been anything posted on here in two weeks because things were insane trying to leave Virginia so fast. We found out we were going to Alaska on a Thursday afternoon, an hour before I left for work. I didn't return from work until Sunday night. By that time it left, one and a half weeks until we left. Thanks to very generous friends and a wonderful sister; who were able to help us by watching our kids so that we could actually accomplish something, we actually got packed up and moved for the most part on schedule. (What's one or two hours?) We set off on the road last Thursday with a very sad fairwell to Aunt April who has spoiled the kids rotten and saved our bacon so many times over the last year.

We drove about 17 hours that first day to my parents home in Missouri. Daniel dropped some of the cars he was playing with at one point while we were driving and wanted me to get them for him. I explained that I couldn't until we stopped driving. He replied, "No stop, go Grandma's house!" He was very excited to go to Grandma's house. We stayed over Friday and Saturday and left Sunday. It was really nice to have have that break in the traveling, or I do believe I would have gone insane. (As it was those last 2 hours getting here to UT I'd had enough.) Paul was so sweet and patient with the kids and I was the one losing it. Who would have thought? Daniel loved being back at Grandma and Grandpa's house. There's so much to see and do on a farm for a little boy and then when you add to it 3 Aunts and 1 dotting Uncle... When we would talk about going to Grandma Lois' house he would say, "No Grandma Lois, I stay Grandma's house!" Here are pictures of some of his activities while we were there.

Daniel on my Dad's ancient tractor, holding Hannah's violin (he has loved the violin ever since we lived with my parents last year and heard Hannah practice every day), and on the riding lawn mower. You will notice the gun in his hand. Yes, he enjoyed running around shooting the bad guys with Uncle Jonathan. What can you expect with a soldier for a Dad?

Miss Reagan had a hard time while we were there in Missouri. After being shuffled around to someone new everyday (sometimes 2 new places in a day) she was a little leary of things and just needed Mom to hold her for awhile.

We left Sunday morning with a trailer that was broken and needed to be replaced so after traiding that out for a new one we drove until about 10pm that night without further incidence. Monday we got on the road and arrived in UT about 6 pm. The kids are REALLY enjoying being here. Daniel spent the entire first day (Tuesday) outside digging in the dirt, playing basketball and went for his first 4 wheeler ride with Grandma down to feed the horse. It was a banner day for him. It also happened to be my birthday, so we ended the day with Lois taking us out to dinner for my birthday. That's all for now. Watch for more of our adventures...

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  1. Glad you made it safe & sound! Ed is heading to Utah in April for a wedding and plans to come and see you all!