Monday, March 23, 2009

Paul goes to Alaska and a Volcano Erupts...

Yes, it did. Mount Redoubt which is about 26 miles from where Paul is, erupted with 5 major explosions. Check out this link for more info and pictures.
Paul's friend Adrian called him and said that Alaska was giving him an appropriate greeting. There are also alot of earthquakes in Alaska. Talk about an adventure.
Paul was sworn in as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer and started work today. He spent the weekend getting his bearings, and learning to drive in the snow again. It came back to him real fast however; as it snowed 6-8 inches in one night on him.

Here are some pictures of our family from before Paul left.
Here Calvin is giving Daniel kisses and he can't stop laughing.
And here Reagan is thinking she is going to get away with playing in the dirt. This is their favorite pastime since coming here. Unfortunately it snowed this morning and keeps trying to snow some more or they would be outside right now digging away.
The kids and I went to our new ward yesterday. There is only one other child in nursery with Daniel so they were begging for Reagan to stay and play. She was happy to oblige. I couldn't have been happier, Nursery 2 months early, Hurray!!! The down side here is that we will have to go elsewhere other than church to find some playmates for Daniel. He is really missing some of his friends back in Virginia.

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