Friday, March 27, 2009


Going to work the other morning Paul came across 2 moose standing on the runway at the airport. The cops were there trying to get them to move so that the runway could be used by the planes and the moose really weren't wanting to move. Later in the morning, wether it was these same two moose or 2 more, I don't know but Paul saw 2 moose wandering outside the airport. Maybe they are trying to catch a plane to Florida. They're tired of the snow... Here's what Paul wrote of the pictures he sent-

"Here are the pictures of the moose we saw the other day. In both pictures there are two moose. The one you can see very well and the other is in the bushes next to the building." See if you can locate both of the moose.

He was told that this happens all the time. He replied, "not where I'm from!"

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