Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Beautiful Ballerina

This little girl has been waiting for about a year for this and she has been telling everyone for about that long she was going to dance. This was one very confident girl who walked out onto the dance floor for her first lesson.
I've tried multiple times to upload video from her first class but blogger isn't liking me tonight.
She was exhausted after her first lesson. Probably as she had been to the Zoo and a friend's house to play earlier in the day. This class they do tap and ballet. We got to watch the first one and then after that we only watch the last one of the month so they will focus on what they are supposed to do. It was a huge trip down memory lane when they were working on tap and this man's voice came on saying "shuffle hop". It was the same one that I used to practice to when I took tap like 30 years ago, only then it was on a record player.
I am interested to see how this goes and see if she sticks with it. She really loves it and it's good for her to have something that's just for her.

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