Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Fun

We  went and explored a couple of trails at the Campbell Creek Nature Center with some friends last month. The kids and I had never been there and we didn't actually go to the Nature Center- Something we will do next time. But the kids had a blast and loved these roots where the creek had dug out little caves for them. I posted the pictures on Facebook and someone commented they looked like Hobbit houses. I thought that was a great name for them. So here they are in a Hobbit house. 
As you can see they are all decked out in their rain gear. As usual summer in Alaska means rain. The first 2 weeks after I planted my garden it didn't rain and the water main was broken, but after that... lots of rain.

For Memorial Day the kids and I didn't have anything planned, and I was a little bummed about it. Till I saw a friends posting on Facebook inviting everyone over for a BBQ. The kids really enjoy this family so we packed up our dirty selves (we had spent the day at the garden), and went.

My little fashionista. She insisted she had to change her clothes, do her hair and was complaining that her nails weren't painted before we went there.

 What are Missionaries for but throwing down on the Trampoline and then piling on top?

Lots of fun was had, good food and good friendships. It was a good day.

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