Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel #6

They grow up so fast! I was watching him walk today and he had a pair of shorts on. Long chicken legs is what this boy has. He's in size 7 pants already. Not the best pictures but a good day. He wanted white cupcakes with white frosting. I convinced him to add sprinkles to add a little bit of color.

We were supposed to meet some friends at a park that day and celebrate, but the weather was just cold and drippy so they took us out to eat at Chuck E Cheese instead. Confession- I've never taken my kids to Chuck E Cheese. And it has been on purpose. The last time I was there I was a Nanny and had a Migraine. Not exactly the best place for that. I've been having them again lately but luckily this day was not one of them. Daniel (and Reagan) loved it! Chuck E Cheese came out and spent time with them and then he gave them free tickets- If they danced.

This was one of Daniel's favorite rides it was a Monster Jeep. It scared him a bit too when it got really high.

And here is his first Lego Creation. He had gotten his first Lego's the day before. He has had a goal we've been trying to reach for at least 6 months of being clean and dry everyday (during the day) for 5 days in a row. He finally accomplished it and got to pick out some Lego's. He choose Ewok's and their Treehouse. Then for his birthday Grandma Lois sent him 2 sets of Lego's and he was a really happy boy. This is his tractor he built on his own with no help at all from me. 
So proud of you Daniel. You keep trying and working despite your many challenges. Love you!

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