Sunday, June 13, 2010

What to do with large quanities of Rhubarb

I had mentioned to a friend that I liked Rhubarb and would like to find some as it is rhubarb season. (I hope to plant some next year.) She in turned mentioned it to a friend who mentioned it to a friend... So one day last week I got a call from my Bishop's wife that she had rhubarb for me. I was on my was on my way to the dentist so she dropped it off. It was a TON of Rhubarb. And I'm not complaining, as a matter of fact I shamelessly asked for and got more. But what to do with all that Rhubarb? It was way to much for pies. So here is what we have done with it so far-
1-Fresh- Daniel has decided that he likes it and just breaks some off and starts eating it. It's a bit much for me fresh.
2-Frozen- I chopped it up for pies and plopped it in the freezer. Fast and easy.
3-Dried- I found this suggestion on the internet, they suggested putting it in scones or granola. I wondered if it would be sweet as happens with a lot of things that are dried. But nope it's still pucker worthy.
4-Jam-I made 4 batches of jam. 1 freezer and the rest were in the jars you see. The ones on the right are Rhubarb only. It's cooked down and straight tart goodness. It was a bit much for Paul but I think the kids and I will thoroughly enjoy it. The ones on the left are strawberry rhubarb made with strawberry jello. This particular recipe had a ton of sugar. The next batch I make won't have near that amount of sugar but Paul will definitely eat this and I'm sure my children won't complain.
I didn't get any pies made as I just had so much rhubarb I just thought I'd make them later but I can't wait for that luscious rhubarb pie. (Yes Roland, if you bring Genvieve to visit I will share and make you a pie.) I picked up more to do up today and am hoping for some more jam and am thinking I will try bottling it for pies as well- Just in case the power or my freezer goes out one day.

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