Saturday, June 19, 2010


I don't post a lot about books I read but those who know me well know that I LOVE to read. Give me a good book over the t.v. anytime. It's been a way for me to travel the world and through different periods of history, alternate realities, learn about people and different ideas and ways of thinking. Reading was something that was encouraged by my parents and my Grandma Jefts fueled the fire early on by bringing me bags and boxes of books when she would come to visit. I learned to love the smell of books.
Another passion that I have that developed much later in life is politics. I guess it was all those years living just outside of D.C. How do you not get the politics bug in your blood? I love the exchange of thoughts and ideas, the fight for what you believe in and having political conversations with those on either side of the fence as long as we can deal in facts.
So combining these two things recently I just finished reading Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rouge". Let me preface my comments by saying that when all the hoopla started about Obama maybe running for president I read his first book too. I have defended him on stories that the media got wrong about him. Back to Palin- I LOVED Palin's book.
First off having moved to Alaska in the past year it gave me insight into what has been going on here in Alaska for years and the people. Alaska is a very different state and a very different place. But exactly what she describes is exactly what I have experienced here. Hard working, very helpful, independent and wonderful people. (As a matter of fact I think the only people we have had any type of problem with here have been people who aren't from Alaska and really don't want to be here.) So it was fun to read that the things we have experienced here are normal everyday things.
Second, after the campaign and after she left office I was left with a lot of questions from news stories that had been aired and things that I hadn't completely understood. She answered every one of those questions in her book. She was real, down to earth and tries to explain what was going on. From the first I admired her standing up for her values, beliefs and for the greatness of our country and all that it stands for and doing so apologetically. If I ever get to meet her that is exactly what I would say to her. I laughed frequently through the book (okay if you're vegetarian you won't find it funny when she says that "there is room for all of God's creature's right next to the mashed potatoes." but I sure did!) and nearly cried as well many times. (How could you not when a mother talks about sending her son off to war or dealing with the news that your son will be born with down syndrome.)
Whether you like Palin or not, it's still a good read and it explains a lot. So go find it at your local library!

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