Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Trip to the Fire Station

So for some reason these pictures will not go in any semblance of order so you get them as is. For Daniel's 4th birthday we went to the fire station as everything right now is about firemen and firetrucks with him. Brilliant move for Mom. No clean up from a party and EVERYONE wanted to come. We brought cupcakes for the cake and Mom had to make two kinds as she really doesn't like chocolate and Daniel does. (Though apparently not chocolate cake. Score 1 for Mom.) The chocolate cupcakes had mint frosting as Daniel LOVES mint and the others were strawberry with cream cheese frosting. The kids had a great time and I must say compared to the last time we went to a fire station the guys at Station 3 were really great with them. One of the firemen got dressed up in his uniform and got down on the ground with the kids and the kids would have to call out to him and say I'm over here, and then run up and touch him. This was designed to show them that they are just people and not to be scared. The kids loved it. They showed us where they lived. Daniel loved the rows of about 10 recliners that sat in front of the big screen t.v. He plopped right down and made himself at home. He was fascinated by all of their equipment. We had to ask-"Do you have a fire pole?" They didn't but apparently station #1 does. I think a trip to station 1 will be in our future. We shared the last of the cupcakes with the firemen and said goodbye. It was a really great time. Happy 4th Birthday Daniel!

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