Friday, May 8, 2009

On the passing of our dog Calvin

Also deserving of his own post-
Tuesday was a sad day for us. Calvin, our dog, had to be put down. A few days before my sister in law took him for a walk and another dog ran up and grabbed Calvin. It took her a couple of minutes to get him away from the other dog, he had been severely bit and injured. Over the next few days we tried to help him and keep him happy but the wounds became infected and there was just nothing we could do. He was miserable and we had to put him down as there was no chance he would survive the infection and get better.
We had Calvin with us for 5 1/2 years. We got him as an 8 week old puppy almost a year after we were married. The kids loved him, especially Reagan. He was a holy terror as a puppy but in the last year or so had really settled down and became a good dog. He will be remembered for his barking and for his love. We will miss you Calvin.

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