Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day Out With Thomas

Happy Birthday to Daniel! Paul and I decided that rather than lug more toys to AK I would take Daniel to see Thomas the Train for his birthday present. His birthday isn't for a few more weeks but we had fun. Daniel developed his love of Thomas from his friends Preston and Oliver, I'm sure they will be green with envy when they see these pictures.
It was really hard to get any good pictures as you can see Daniel is running away in this one and it was the one I really wanted to get a good one of.
We had a really long day but it was a fun day. It's an hour and a half drive from here down to Heber City but it was a beautiful drive. It's spring so there is still plenty of water and everything is green and beautiful, give it a few months... So for me that part of the day was really relaxing.
We arrived a bit too early. I thought it started at 10am but it didn't start until 11:30. They finally took pity on all of us and let us in the gate at 11 but then we had to wait in line forever and then on the train forever as we were on the first train of the day so it was VERY crowded. We did enjoy it though.

Daniel and Reagan on the train ride.

My naughty girl who wouldn't sit in the stroller but wanted to show off. The camera went off too late, a moment before she was grinning mischievously at me.

They both choose to have balloon butterflies.

Thomas tattoo- Reagan has an Emily tattoo. I'm not really sure how I feel about them. Daniel just thinks it's a sticker.

One of Reagan and Daniel's favorite places. They had about 6 Thomas tables set up with all different types of Thomas trains. It
was something they could get their hands on and their were kids to play with. A winning combination.

Okay next we have the minni petting zoo. This appears to be the only picture I got of it but this was an ADORABLE baby camel. It just came right up to you and would nuzzle you. The hair on it is really curly like an angora goat and soft too. Reagan's favorite was the three miniature horses that they had. She walked right up to one the minute we got in there (they let you go in the pen with them) and started hugging the first one that she came too. She got to brush them too which she really enjoyed. (Little does she know that I am planning on taking her to a miniature horse show tomorrow. Score one for Mom!)

My little escape artist and my curious boy who wants to know how everything works.

To kill time while we were waiting for our ride on Thomas we went through a hay maze. The kids were actually pretty good at it at least until the end when Reagan got distracted by a little boy and started running away with him. You're too young Reagan!

We didn't get pictures with Sir Topham Hat although he was there and we saw him as they were asking for $20 for the picture. You couldn't just stand there and take one. I thought that that was ridiculous. So we just looked on from afar. By 3pm we were all exhausted and VERY dirty. Remind me not to put kids in white when going to a working railroad. It was open until 7:30 tonight but Daniel was falling apart and I had had enough for the day being the only parent there. We had fun.

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  1. What a fun day! Days like that, Lexi comes home with tons of energy, but I always end up EXHAUSTED! You seemed to have survived well! grin... Happy early birthday to Daniel!