Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

This year for on Mother's day I was reminded what a mother is and does. Daniel was falling apart all morning. He even cried about going to church which is unusual for him as he loves Nursery. He cried in the car all the way to church. Once we were at church he calmed down and wouldn't get off my lap all during sacrament meeting- Not necessarily a bad thing.

The high point of the day was when Reagan decided that going to Nursery was fun and she didn't need me anymore. She has been a bit hesitant there I think because of the move. But as church is at 1pm and she went to nursery that meant that she didn't get a nap. I got the kids some dinner and no sooner had I placed it in front of Reagan then her head went directly into it as she could no longer keep her eyes open. I got her ready for bed and she went to sleep. Only to wake about 20 minutes later throwing up. So we spent some time together that evening- Then about 9pm Daniel woke up having thrown up all over his bed. Yep- I spent all night on the couch cleaning up throw up and with very little sleep. Of course by that time my stomach was rolling just having to deal with it. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Here's to all the Mothers who deal with the throw up, the dirty diapers, the long nights, bratty 2 year olds and teenagers. May they all come to realize one day what we have done for them. Thank you Mom!

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