Friday, May 15, 2009

Daniel Planting- Spoons?

Daniel has been asleep every time we have planted the garden, but apparently he understands what we have been doing.
Today while we were playing outside he put a bunch of dirt in a bucket and then pushed a spoon down in and piled more on top. I asked him what he was doing. He replied,"I'm planting my flower Mommy" and continued pouring more dirt on and patting it down and after a few minutes saying," That's perfect", in a pleased voice.
Of course Reagan couldn't leave it alone and the scenario would be repeated again. Where did he learn how to plant things? This is a city kid. Is this knowledge innate?

Here's his "flower."


  1. That's so sweet! If only we could grow spoons...then I would have a way to beat my garbage disposal! I love hearing about all the Daniel is saying! He's getting really grown up!

  2. Calleen - I have to laugh at this because that spoon brings back lots of memories. My Mom has had that spoon as long as I remember. Cute! I'm sure that Zach will be so happy to be out in the dirt with Daniel soon. The kids are counting down the days.