Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

I always thought Memorial day was just a day to honor the dead... That is until I spent my first one with Paul. Then I learned that it was instituted to honor those who died in war and that it has grown to include all those who have died.

The morning of Memorial day found us at the grave of Paul's father. He died when Daniel was just a month old. The cemetery was beautiful. Flags lined the street and I don't think there was a grave without flowers. They were also offering complimentary soft drinks. Whole families were there to honor their dead bringing lawn chairs and picnic lunches.

Lois' sister recently announced that she has breast cancer and as we visited a couple of cemeteries over the weekend I was reflecting on life and how it always ends. I thought about the family I have known and lost- a brother, a sister, a grandfather, a great grandfather. Dear friends came to mind who have gone on and I was sad to remember the time I have had with them and not have any more time to spend with them. But then I saw my children, Daniel running all around and Reagan commenting on the pretty flowers, and realized the circle that life goes in. They are what give us hope for the future and the faith to go on. I know that those dear, dear people are there watching over us and are still there even though we can't see them. What a comfort that is.

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