Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Daniel's Pirate Dresser

Since we moved in Daniel has needed a dresser as in our last house we just used his built in shelves. I have been looking for one on Craig's list but they either were falling apart or  looked like they were high fashion in the 70's. I was talking to a friend at church and happened to mention that I was looking for a dresser and he said he happened to have one in the back of his car he was getting rid of for a friend if I wanted it. Worked for me. This is the before picture of the dresser. The top looks shiny in the picture due to the sun but it really wasn't.

 This is the top of the dresser. We burned the edges of one of Paul's old hunting maps and put an "x" on it to mark the buried treasure and then I modge podged over it.
This is the front of the dresser. I decided to go with a weathered look as it's a 6 year old's dresser, that way if he scratches it up it doesn't matter. I actually liked it better without the pirate stuff. The blue is a beautiful shade that the picture doesn't do justice to. One thing I've learned as I will show you soon with Reagan's bed I just repainted... I hate painting furniture! Walls are so much more forgiving! I'm planning on painting his nightstand the same color as the paint job is getting pretty battered and so that they match. I may put a big compass on the top of it. We should be redoing his room later this month so more pictures to come later.

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