Thursday, October 4, 2012


Early one morning the kids and I went and picked apples at a friend's house. It took us all of half and hour to pick 2 large baskets and a box brimming with apples. Bet you've never picked apples with ice on them have you? It was a bit cold. I couldn't find anywhere in Anchorage that carried a Victorio Strainer so I ended up buying a food mill which worked pretty well. The main thing was to not have to peel and core all those apples. As I was cutting them up some of the seeds were still white. Obviously not quite ripe, but hey we live in Alaska. They were also VERY sour! I don't usually put sugar in applesauce but this needed sugar. We spent 2 days making applesauce and got about 50 quarts. Lots of yummy applesauce to add to the winter stores.

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