Sunday, October 3, 2010

Update on Daniel

After trying a couple of medications for his ADHD- The first of which made him VERY sleepy and the second of which made him stay awake for 20 + hours a day for a couple days in a row... Then the doctor on vacation and I could get anyone to return my calls... I took him off meds for 2 weeks and wow! We don't want to go through those two weeks again! Long story short, not only does he have ADHD but he also has a Mood disorder. As of yet we haven't categorized the mood disorder but it's likely something along the lines of bi-polar. He's now on medication for each of these and is doing fairly well. Time out worked for the first time ever this week! We are still fine tuning and he will continue with his therapy. But he is doing SO much better. We were sad to hear of another diagnosis added to this little guy who already deals with high cholesterol, asthma, vision problems, speech problems. But we are glad that he is getting help so that he can function and be happy.

We also had his hearing retested and found that while he hears alright he is right on the edge of not being able to hear well enough. Since he is going through important stages of development, has fluid in his ears, and has speech problems the audiologist thought we should follow up with an ENT doctor. We did that and decided that Daniel would get tubes. He goes in for surgery this week for that and we are hoping that that may make a difference with his hearing and speech.

So that's the news on our big little boy.

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