Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Harvest

This was not a good year for garden's anywhere in Alaska I think, but I did get something for all my hard work though and to that this post is dedicated.

My potatoes all 15 lbs. There was about 1-2 potatoes per plant. We were worried there wouldn't be any as we never saw them blossom.

The carrots- 2 gallon size bags of normal size carrots and 2 quart size that are only good for throwing in soups but I still saved them because they are perfect for soup. I just throw them in, don't have to cut them or anything.

I had to show you this zucchini. I have been growing zucchini forever but I never knew there was such a thing as "globe" zucchini. Paul says they look like little green apples, and this one is a little more oblong than the other 2 we got this year. But it was a little fun. I think I like the regular size better for cooking just because slicing these they are just a little too big.

Also in the harvest- A few very small onions (most of them were picked by others), 4 small celery plants, a total of 4 very small peppers, dill, oregano, parsley, basil, a hand full or two of green beans, a few peas (I would have had a lot more if the moose hadn't eaten them.

And yes I did get tomatoes. This is a crappy picture but it was the first of many very small (grape tomato or smaller) tomatoes. I have one plant I am keeping in my bedroom seeing how long it will last. There wasn't enough, nor were they big enough to do anything with but we enjoyed them.

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