Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Family Outing- Hockey!!

Paul called while we were in Missouri and said he had access to cheap hockey tickets and wanted to know if we wanted to go to a game when we got home. I thought we could try anything once so he got the tickets and we went the night after we got home. I have to say that I didn't really think I would like it because I am just not a sports fan. But to my great surprise we had a great time. Daniel wouldn't take a nap earlier in the day so he fell asleep within 5 mins of the start of the game and in spite of the noise slept through the entire thing. Reagan did get a nap and enjoyed every minute of the game. Within 20 mins. of the game starting she was yelling with the best of them "Go Aces, Go Aces". (I think we have a hockey fan on our hands.) I had forgotten how different it is to go to a live game rather than a televised one. To top the night off the Alaska Aces won over the Las Vegas Wranglers. Looks like this will be a family affair. Next week it's the UT Grizzly's against the Aces. GO ACES!


  1. Live games are so much fun to go to! I grew up going to games every month. Sounds like you guys had a grat time! GO HOCKEY!

  2. Ryan's played in your rink before. Let's hear it for Hockey!!!!!!

  3. It's really "Aunt Diane Said"