Monday, February 15, 2010

Can Paul Survive????

Well since last Wednesday Calleen and the kids have been in Missouri attending to family matters there with the death of Calleen's Grandfather. Calleen sounds good considering the situation and it has been good for her to be with her family at this time. Plus having more help with the kids has been great for her, especially since the kids are both sick ans throwing up. I think that she was happy to get out of the house for a bit too.

These last few months has shown us a whole new meaning to the term "lack of daylight"; although we have been gaining about 5 min of daylight per day. When I get home from work there is still about an hour or so of daylight left.

The whole point of this blog was to ask if I can survive, well I think I might be able to hold out. Today I had to call Calleen and ask where the food was at. Is that pathetic or what?
I have been surviving off of Healthy Choice Steamer's and Scooby-Doo fruit snacks; geese I'm a sad case. Well yesterday I ran out of those and today I had to actually cook. I was somewhat surprised that it didn't turn out too well, seems I have forgotten how to cook a hamburger.

Despite my attempt at possible self food poisoning I was able to get something cooked. Well now comes the challenge of cooking for the next two days (Calleen will be home Wednesday, THANKGOODNESS!!!) Don't get me wrong I am not feeling sorry for myself even if it sounds like it. I am simply saying that Calleen does everything around here and it OUTSTANDING as a wife and mother. I want her to know that!!!


  1. Good post Paul--Calleen is a good woman!

  2. it takes an outstanding husband to recognize his outstanding wife. Keep up the good work.

    Please send Calleen our love and prayers, death is a difficult experience to have to go through. I'm glad she can be with her family.