Monday, October 12, 2009


Paul has finished enough of his on the job training that he has been cleared to work over time (Hooray!) That means that they can call him in at anytime to go back to work. They really like people like him to work overtime as they cost less for them to pay so he will be one of the first people they call. He has the option to turn it down most of the time but at this point we really don't want to. Knowing this we went to bed Saturday night with the expectation that he would probably be called in Sunday morning for a flight from China. We were sound asleep when the phone rang about 12:30am Sunday morning. This totally freaked me out as usually the only time the phone rings in the middle of the night is when Paul is in Iraq and he was there next to me.
I was so out of it when I answered the phone that I had to ask a second time what they wanted and even then it only registered that they wanted Paul and it was work. It turned out they wanted him to come in to work immediately. We were so out of it Paul told him no and went back to sleep. They called again at 7:30am for him to report in for the flight from China that we were planning on. As Paul woke up he realized that he had turned down overtime, Sunday and shift differential pay that would have brought him up to about $48 an hour for the night before. He was kicking himself for doing that. We were just so totally asleep and unprepared for that phone call to come in we didn't know quite what was going on.
Better luck next time.

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