Monday, October 12, 2009

There is Sunchine in My Soul Today!

The sun is out!!! Since we have moved here I was beginning to think that we had somehow landed in in Seattle or London. It rains a lot here right now. And while I love rain, it gets really old when it's every day. Ordinarily the gray skies don't bother me but day after day it gets to you. Today the sun is shining it's 55 degrees, my windows are open and if I didn't have so much to do inside the kids and I would be outside all day. (Well that and the fact that for some reason neither of them will use the toilet today and I've gone through countless changes of clothes. )
I'm not worried about the dark. It's very soothing to me. Today sunrise was at 8:30am and sunset will be at 6:30pm. We loose about 5 1/2 minutes of daylight every day right now. It is a little disorienting when Daniel comes in to wake me up at 7am and it's pitch black outside. I want to yell at him, "Get back in bed!" This will take a little while to become accustomed to.
Meanwhile we are busily preparing for winter. We have snow suits for the kids and snow boots now. (You just really didn't need them in VA when it only snowed really well every 3 or 4 years.) Next on the list is a sled of some kind as in a few more weeks we should have snow. For all of you people out there who thought that we were crazy moving to AK, Colorado has more snow than we do right now. It's probably colder too.
It is a little weird when you look on a map and realize just how close Russia really is...I mean isn't it supposed to be on the other side of the world? And having spent my entire life at about the same latitude (southern CA, southern UT, southern MO and, northern VA) it's a little weird to realize how high up on the world I really am. Fun facts for you- AK is the largest state, the most western, north, and eastern state. You're asking how can that be? Well a small portion of AK is actually on the other side of the hemisphere. If you split the world in half like they do on the maps a small portion would be over on the other map.

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