Monday, October 19, 2009

The Technology Gap

I was on the phone yesterday with my Mom and they have decided that since my Grandpa is living with them (he has Dementia) they need to get a cell phone as they are making frequent trips to the doctor with him and some are out of state. Mom said be prepared as I will call you this week so that you can help me figure out how to use it. I started laughing and my Mom said my sister April said just give it to Emma (8) and Jonathan (10) and let them figure it out as kids are so much better at doing that. I had to agree. The night before the kids and I had gone to Office Depot to run an errand for Paul and Reagan had grabbed my cell phone to play with while we were waiting to have something bound and before I knew what was happening she had taken a picture of something and had it ready to go in a text message getting ready to send it when I discovered what she was doing. Give her another year and she'll be managing this blog.


  1. I can't even figure out how to turn on the speaker phone funtion on my cell phone!

  2. LOL!! That is a cute story about Reagan--smartie!