Sunday, October 18, 2009

And my calling is...

I've been waiting for them to issue a calling and last week when the Relief Society President asked me to play for R.S. a light bulb went on. She had told me previously that she had had my name turned in since the week we moved in for a calling and I suddenly realized what it was- R.S. pianist.
So today they called me to be R.S. pianist and I was very happy to say yes. I left the Bishop's office saying give me three or four callings just keep me out to Nursery. One day I would really like to serve somewhere else besides the music of the church, but every time I start to complain about only serving there they either put me in or try to put me in Primary and I suddenly realize that always playing or leading the music really isn't that bad. One day 20 years from now I would be happy to take my turn in the Nursery or Primary, it's just that right now I need to be a Mom and after taking care of kids literally my entire life, well I need a break so I can be a Mom.
(It looks like there will probably be another calling coming anyway as the choir director stopped me in the hall and asked if he could call this week to get my help with choir. I am ready to retake up the banner that has been trailing for awhile anyway. I used to be practically a one man show with the music in church and in recent years I have had a music calling but haven't done much beyond that and I'm ready to really get in there and serve in that capacity again.)


  1. Jim and I were just talked dying to know what calling they ended up giving you. Yeah, some callings aren't as bad as they seem once you get a different one. :-) I'm very happy teaching the 10-11 year olds right now... LOL You'll do a great job with the R.S. pianist calling.

  2. I know how you feel. Sometimes it would be good to have a calling that takes a little more prep time and brain power. But, then you stop and think about it and wonder "what on earth am I thinking? Keep my mouth shut, and go with it!" It has it's +'s and -'s.