Monday, September 7, 2009

Potty Training #2

Reagan has been begging to go "potty since before we left UT. Since we were moving there was no way I was going to start potty training her until after we moved. (As it was, I had to stick Daniel back in a diaper while we were traveling) She started begging again this past week so we went and got her some underwear on Saturday. She was so excited! She carried them all through the store. But I was not prepared to start on Saturday so I thought we would start at the beginning of the week.
We'll that was today. I put her in underwear and sat her on the toilet this morning. I ended up having to leave her for a few minutes to take care of Daniel, but left her with a couple of books. While I was taking care of Daniel she got off and I had Paul help her pull her pants back up. When I got into the bathroom I discovered she had actually gone! Hurray for Reagan! Of course we had several accidents through the day but she did go again tonight!
Girls are SO much easier to potty train. I have probably potty trained at least 30 kids while working in my profession. Girls are almost always far easier than the boys. It took Daniel several weeks of just sitting on the toilet before he went for the first time.
So Hurray for Reagan!!!

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